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No Conformation email of the Order Completion

I recently completed an order on fiverr 22-23 hours ago. the order was marked completed by the buyer and i was tipped yet i didn’t get any conformation email of the order being completed and no notification of the buyer leaving a review (i have previously done 2 orders for him). i only got an email that i was tipped but i cant leave a review for the buyer as there was no option.

its not that big of a deal for me as i have done 3 orders without any kind of reviews


[Edit:] never mind got the conformation mail just now


First of all asking clients to leave a review can get you a warning. Fiverr already asking them 2 times to leave a review.

Secondly buyers can mark orders as complete without leaving a review
And third your buyer might be referring that he left an anonymous review that fiverr sends them directly and that is not reflected on your account.


thanks for the reply and for the info

i will refrain from asking this in the future

@saminatasneem You must have missed this post. CS warns, “Any solicitation, manipulation, or just a comment on feedback may lead our relevant team to issue a warning to the user who made this statement.”


Now that you are, you can stay out of trouble. :wink:

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