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No control over unwanted orders

Requested the buyer not to place an order, but he still placed it. I cancelled it, and he declined to accept mutual cancellation, and re-initiated the order.

Buyers should not be allowed to place an order until sellers allow them to do so. Fiverr, please do something about it, please.

Okay, I go to Resolution Center and cancel it again by clicking on “click here” link:


I see your buyer declined the request to mutually cancel this order. If you really need this order cancelled now, you can click here to cancel the order or you can again ask the buyer to mutually cancel this order.

But, still an order didn’t get cancelled. So, what to do now?

Submit a ticket to Customer Support and explain that you declined the order, but the customer placed the order anyway and now refuses to accept a mutual cancellation.

ramesh_samane said: But, still an order didn't get cancelled. So, what to do now?

Contact CS like goodgift recommended, but they most likely wont do anything about it and your "forced cancellation" will count against your stats. Best of luck.

I have contacted CS, and asked them to wait until I resolve the client’s issue, because we are almost there and am sure I will be able to resolve it, but client is not following my instructions correctly, and is not responding right now.

I will wait for his response, resolve his issue, and then ask CS to cancel the order.

Although, client is ready to pay me even if the issue is not resolved, and don’t want me to cancel the order, and promise me not to post any reviews, I will still cancel it, because I don’t trust client will do so.

Wow, gotta give the guy credit for persistence.

gig war mate

Because Fiverr has two headquarters, one being in the US, Fiverr is required to follow US customer protection laws. Under US law, when you advertise a service for a price, ie “I will design a professional logo for your business for $5”, you are not allowed to discriminate among customers. You are also not allowed to charge more that $5 for ANY professional logo design because it has already been advertised for $5. (that is called Bait and Switch in our Customer Protection ACT)

Here in the US, once you place a product or service for sale in a marketplace, you are NOT allowed to choose who purchases it. You must sell to everyone that buys. Fiverr gives you control over not being overloaded with orders you can’t fill by allowing you to put your gig on vacation. But here in the US, you simply can’t pick and choose who your customers are. I saw a news article here where a landscaper was going to jail for fraud because too many people ordered his service and he could not get them all done in time. Here in the US, that is just not an excuse. You are expected to hire more people and just get the work done. At lease Fiverr protects you from that nightmare.

I hope this helps.

Reply to @ginnymenges: I’d say the law is not that cut and dried. I’m speaking here expressly about those of us that act as freelancers here on Fiverr. Freelancers are allowed to fire their clients (on this website: cancel an order), if they do not feel they can fulfill the requirements or if there is a personal disagreement, just like businesses are allowed to fire their employees if there is a conduct issue. Additionally, businesses in general are allowed to refuse service, as long as it’s not on the grounds of “race, color, religion, (sexual orientation), or national origin.” So, if he didn’t want to work with the guy because he’s Muslim, that would be a problem. If he didn’t want to work with the guy because he’s just belligerent or he knows that he can’t provide the service the guy needs (read: it’s outside the boundaries of the gig), that’s something else entirely.

Just like biker bars can refuse admittance to anyone wearing a certain club’s patch or colors for fear it will cause trouble for the business, we’re allowed to cut people loose from our clientele that are just trying to cause trouble for our businesses. There are lots of exceptions to the “no discrimination” rule, especially if you are not actually being discriminatory. In general, you do have a right to the goods and services you pay for, but freelancing is a little bit different than owning a restaurant or retail store, especially on Fiverr, where a lot of the power freelancers usually have is taken away in return for the marketing and support of the Fiverr team.

Reply to @ginnymenges: Sellers can indeed force cancellations and turn down work at will. It affects their cancel ratings, but it is still their choice. In Arizona, a vote once passed allowing businesses to refuse service to gay individuals. You write well and know a lot, but some of your statements are inaccurate.

Reply to @emasonwrites: I’m glad you posted this. I wanted to make the same points about the ‘variables’ in the law.

Reply to @itsyourthing: we’re you in any way antagonistic to the buyer, critical or condescending, even a little? It sounds like a buyer that intends to give you back something he might have received from you. It’s difficult sometimes to be totally calm if you feel someone is out of order, but to get what you want, an apology may just do it.