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No deal

I have used Fiverr gigs many times over the past few years…most of them have been good.

A few times I have not got anything suitable…or even anything at all.

This one marked it as done, I replied saying I hadn’t seen anything, & then nothing except "this job is complete!!"

I can’t find anywhere to get in contact with fiverr resolution people, & I am tired of people taking my hard earned dollars without the agreed exchange.

People, don’t use this person…Give you 700 real australia facebook like in 5 hrs

Seller: Fragglesrock

Sheriffs Note: I’m afraid calling out isn’t allowed, however you can contact our customer support team here:

Fiverr Customer Support

It’s not a good idea to buy Facebook likes. In fact, it’s illegal according to Facebook’s site rules. Just don’t do it to begin with, and you’ll avoid a lot of frustration.

Reply to @jonbaas: Can you quote me the exact section from Facebook’s TOS which states that buying likes is ‘illegal’?


Reply to @titanseo:

I will not validate your desire to sell Facebook likes and followers. It’s against their rules. Don’t do it.

Reply to @titanseo:

If you need further clarification on this issue, please see this forum thread: