No E-mail Notifications for 2 days now


For some reason I have stopped receiving e-mail notifications… I didn’t touch any settings on my e-mail, it just stopped. Is this a bug or what’s going on? I rely on e-mail notifications most of the time to stay up to date with my orders… Anybody else having this problem?? Should I open a ticket with support?


I have the same problem. I have almost missed deadlines because of it. I have missed a cpi[;e of timed it went to junk. Even I after set my setting to let them in my inbox. They still went to my junk folder

Now it just don’t come at all. It’s a pain. I got two gigs that have sat a day. So now I only get a day to do them. It sucks!!!


Weird… Started happening to me this morning… I stay on top of everything because my phone always lets me know when I get an email from fiverr… However, they weren’t coming in earlier today so I had to constantly keep checking on fiverr. However, My last notification did come in to my email on my phone so hopefully whatever it was, is now fixed.


I’m still having this issue. It’s a real pain when you have to deal with so many order updates, etc.

I got orders a few minutes ago, and the problem is still there.

@est1990 Are you using Hotmail?


Reply to @s_sayan: No, yahoo. However i’ve received the last few pretty quickly.


Reply to @est1990: Thanks for the info.

Let’s hope that the issue with Hotmail gets fixed soon. :slight_smile:


I am getting “your inbox is empty” in Fiverr when there is dozens of emails in there!
Then mail appears again, then stops again!
VERY frustrating! Fix this glitch Fiverr!!