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No Earning from freelancing

I Start work on Fiverr on 20-11-2018. but till now I can’t earn from Fiverr.
I make all 7 gigs in graphics designing. Design Gigs Images. Try to write a unique Description. Sent 800+ buyer request but that’s all not help me in earing.
Plz, anyone help me how to earn from Fiverr.


Check this out:

You know it’s not easy to be a freelancer. It might seem tempting at the beginning to have a freelancer life, be your own boss etc etc. BUT freelancing is not for everyone because there is no boss giving you work and you just complete tasks, no, you are a one man show and it’s up to you to figure out on how do you attract clients, where do you find them etc.
There is no secret tip or trick on how to earn from fiverr. You either make it or not. 2 years is long time to be without orders so maybe it’s time to change something?

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Fiverr is not a money printing machine.
Freelancing is not for everyone.
Life is hard.