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No earning in july what to do now

hi every one, i am audio editor on fiverr,
before july my monthly earning was near to 60 usd because i am new seller but on 1st july i got an order directly on my gig and i did a lot of hardwork and delivered that order and audio quality was already very poor so i tried my best but buyer canceled order and said the quality is very poor after that order my an other was canceled after 2 order’s cancelation i don’t recieved any order entire month now my july earning is 0 and my order completion rate was 100% but now its 75% i don’t know why but my order completion rate is going down day by day, what can i do now can ask someone to give me work or any suggestion?
i am bieng confused day by day and also i dont have any other way of earnings and source of income fiverr is only hope for me to earn

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