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No Earnings nor Selling tab

Hello everyone,

Today, I have created a Fiverr account, and set it to seller (my profile isn’t 100% full).

There is a problem: I don’t see Earnings nor Selling tab. I want to create a PayPal account with different email address than Fiverr email, and connect it to Fiverr, but I can’t see Earnings tab, to be able to set up PayPal.

Is it because my seller profile isn’t 100% full?

Does anyone had the same problem? Do you know how to resolve it?



Hey welcome to the community…
If you switch to seller option you should see a option called earning in the top menu.

If you seek that option you can connect your paypal or payoneer when you have the revenue

Hey. I don’t see “Seller option”. Just “Become a Seller”.

I have gone through those steps, but nothing happened.

What should I do?


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Click on become a seller!
I think you did register as buyer…
You have to fulfil your account necessary requirements to become a seller:)