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No feedback after got satisfied!

A buyer ordered my gig, he was satisfied by my work, when I delivered he asked for some additional words, I denied!
He started pushing me saying he has more scripts ready to go with me once this completed!
I thought that he will become a regular customer so i gave him the additional words for free.
then he marked the order completed but did not give a review!
He was very satisfied by my work!
I promptly asked him for a review then he never messaged nor gave a review! this is so frustrating!!

Here on fiverr, Reviews matters a lot,
I just can’t get out of this!

anyone ever experienced this kind of thing or just me? :upside_down_face:

Never ever ask review from buyers. This is considered review manipulation and your account will be in trouble if the buyer reported it.

Also, it has been stressed in this forum all over again and again, buyers are not ENTITLED to leave review for order completion.


Thanks for the info :upside_down_face: