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No feedback from client

What happens when you submit work to a client and they don’t leave any feedback or mark the assignment as complete?

Your order automatically gets marked complete after 3 days - then takes 14 days for pending clearance for you to get your money. No worries.

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Ok…so how will no feedback affect my ratings? I’m pretty new to Fiverr and really want my 4.7/5 rating to maintain.

It doesn’t. Simply put, you have nothing to lose, but would have gained something if you get a +ve feedback. So, request the buyer nicely for a feedback and that their feedback really matters to you. And just leave it there in case they don’t. Some buyers prefer not to give any feedback if they aren’t too happy with the outcome, than giving a -ve feedback. They are also helping you in some way :slight_smile:



A buyer can provide feedback up to 30 days after the delivery of the gig, even if the order autocompletes after 3 days of them not accepting it actively though, btw, so they might still leave feedback.
I don´t think that no feedback affects your ranking directly.

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Thank you for letting me know.

Some buyers might feel annoyed if you ask them for a feedback, and rate the order lower than you’d like.


To deal with this, while delivering the order itself, I request their feedback. And I don’t bother them at all after the delivery.

While delivering to my regular buyers, I don’t even request their feedback, as they already know what to do. Unless I have a good reason, I wouldn’t ask my regulars to leave their feedback in case they haven’t.


I personally ask them to give a positive feedback if everything was good with the delivery and I think that’s everything you can do.

But don’t worry if they don’t leave one. :slight_smile:

Something similar happened to me,

I came up with milestones for the client, 3 sections right, delivered the artwork, the client needs to approve the first 2 to go to the 3rd.
He then gets the files of all 3 milestones and does not approve the 3rd. so it’s not set as ‘complete’ just as ‘delivered’.

He vanished. Does not answer my messages.

So Fiverr does set this order to ‘complete’ even if the client did not click on the button ‘approved’ ??


Also, how long it takes to be set as complete?
it says 5 days but it’s been 5 days so long ago now hahah
When do I get the money?

this is a 2 year old thread. work is marked as complete 3 days after you deliver and the client doesnt ask for changes, then 14days for the funds to clear and you be allowed to withdraw

You are replying 2 years later. Maybe you didn’t notice.

Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

Everything including this is explained there in great detail.

The moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected.

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From Fiverr’s Terms of Service:

"A milestone will be automatically marked as complete if no acceptance or request for modification were submitted within 8 days after marked as Delivered, however, in such case the order will be stopped and all further milestones will be cancelled.

  • Once a milestone is delivered, Buyers may choose to either continue with the order and pay for the next milestone, or to stop the order. Please note that if you choose to stop the order, the current delivered milestone will not be cancelled."
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So milestones have a different order completion time than normal orders, i never knew that… Does the fund clearance remain the same?

I think it does. :slight_smile: