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No First Order in Two Months


I haven’t gotten my first sale on Fiverr yet. It’s been about two months, and after researching for hours on end, and following all these tips, nothing seems to be working. Tips or any ideas?


Have you taken the time to reach out to your target customers, show them what you can do, and convince them to hire you to solve their needs? Have you been marketing and promoting your services directly to the people who need them?


agree with jonbaas - wondering if you are going after the work. 90% marketing, 10% product delivery


Yes, if you are implying buyer requests. I make sure all of my buyer requests are at their full potential, explaining everything, and even some perks, but never get a response. I will upload an example of a response I once put.


No, actually, I was not implying Buyer Requests. I was referring to good old marketing and promotion – like every business needs to do in order to succeed and gain customers.

Buyer Requests is NOT marketing and promotion.


Keep patience it is the biggest tips ever. I got my first order after 2.5 months. I know waiting for order is very painfull. Just keep boosting your gigs promote them on social media regularly. Apply on buyer request regular.
Hope this will help you.
Best of luck


Thank you so much, this is a big help. :slight_smile:


same here i have no get first order in first 2 months but now i get 4 order