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No fiver stats available. How are you handling this?

Hello Guys.

So currently, it’s been months for me since i have not seen my impressions, clicks or nothing (know fiver bug so far). I would love to get your opinions, tips or thoughts on how to handle this situation and keep improving gigs to attrack clients / buyers.

Is this affecting you or your fiverr sales ?


Well, Fiverr user stats are not really important. Sure, I would like to see if I have more views on my gig today when compared to yesterday, but other than that… it’s just stuff I can’t control. Finding new ways to promote your gig is a much more important thing

Thanks for your opinion donnovan86.

The thing is, and this is how i see it: It is important. It’s part of the website and it’s a BIG feature. The impressions stats for example are not that important, but clicks provided me a valuable information about my gig.

I miss knowing how my new GIG was going.
I created the GIG. Probably it was doing well in terms of impressions and clicks, but there was no orders. Maybe i just needed to change something in the description. Maybe the thumbnail? But it’s going well… but how do i know this for sure?

It is a real dilema and I’am having a BIG problem figuring out how to handle this. Since stats where indeed, a valuable information for me and how i could improve my gigs or just leave it the way it is.

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I never promote my gigs at social media because the way i use my social media, this wouldn’t work at all.

I usually just “spy” other people gigs, see what they are doing, compare with my work and create a gig with what i think it’s fair for me and my work.

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Check this out: Gig analytics “N/A”

I know the issue comes from the new Paid Promotion feature, since it’s tied to the analytics. So, until that feature comes, we most likely won’t see any iteration