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No Fiverr Gigs and I'm OK with it


Hi All,
Just wanted to share my Fiverr experience with you all. I joined Fiverr as an inexperienced voice over actor. Over the last couple of years I’ve had the opportunity to voice jobs, learn the business and work with clients. All experience I did not have.
The Fiverr gigs were coming in hot and heavy until I reached level one status. Once the status had been reached you could hear the sounds of crickets chirping…nothing. The gigs stopped coming in. I’m of the opinion that the Fiverr works it that way. It puts you in the limelight for a while gives you a taste for it then expects you to do your own networking for work.
I’m OK with not getting gigs anymore I’ve moved onto other avenues and found business there. I will always be thankful to Fiverr for the opportunity to gain the experience.
Cheers Lewis!


lucky you… best of luck!


Weird. I do VO as well and my sales jumped exponentially after reaching level one last month. Maybe my limelight hasn’t been turned off yet?


Cool. Maybe it was just me. I don’t want to jink you …keep it going.


Hopefully it was/is just a lull and that it picks back up for you.


Congratulations on reaching level one status…