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No, Fiverr, if I offer an extra after delivery that takes 1 day to do and the client accepts after 2 days, it does NOT mean I'm a day late for delivery

How is this still a thing?


This is one of my favorite dumb things that shouldn’t happen on Fiverr. I would almost be disappointed if they did fix it at this stage.


I would love to offer more extras AFTER delivery. Can you imagine the opportunity this would provide to everyone? But I don’t because it would make the order appear to be late.

Buyers sometimes ask for an extra after delivery too. And I can’t do it and risk having the order show as being late.


I had one client who ordered extras AFTER delivery 2 times in a month, and had to contact CS for it to not effect my analytics. These orders were complete well before they were due.

I think the buyer found it advantageous to do it this way and not have to pay an additional service fee for placing a brand new order.

It seems it should be a simple technical fix, to start the clock :alarm_clock: going again to reflect the new order and time frame agreed upon…