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No Fiverr Order Issues or Account Suspending Issues

My Fiverr Account in opened in April 2019, but still now I am not getting any order. is It effect on my Fiverr account like suspending the account or mute or hide account :thinking:?

Thank you
Syed Easin

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Hi syed_easin,

Do you send buyer requests on daily basis? and how are your gig stats going?


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I was deleted my previous gigs and open 6 new gig recently, I already send around 150 buyer request in last 4 month. and started marketing again with my new gig. but getting no orders

Right. If your gigs are new then you have to be very patient. Promote your gigs on social media as well and make sure you are available 24/7.

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Thank you brother, Recently I have started marketing.

Check this out: for helpful information.