No Fluent English Speakers to Create E-Mail Template?


I’m surprised.

I created my first buyer requests over the last day or two and got a goodly pile of replies. I need someone to design and create an html e-mail template for some B2B promotion in the UK. I must admit I thought it would be easy to find a seller to do it, somewhere.

The problem is, not one of the sellers who responded was able to demonstrate even a mediocre grasp of English. Seriously, not one, either in their response, their gig or message; most were way less than mediocre, to be frank. I’m sorry, but I can’t engage someone to create a B2B sales message to the UK when they are unable to sell themselves and write in good English.

Can’t anyone step up to do this? I don’t care where you’re from, but if you have good experience in creating B2B messaging and html e-mails, and are fluent in the English language, please feel free to direct me to your gig.


@CreativelyCandi x


Really? There’s a ton of writers on Fiverr, and you can see where they’re from, read their reviews. Just search copywriter and you’ll find one. I’ve had a lot of clients from England myself, although I live in America so if you hire me, don’t get angry when you have to change “color” into “colour” or “program” into “programe.” In America we don’t use the Queen’s English.


Hi FC ^^

Thanks for the reply.

Don’t worry, I’m well used to 'murcans and our mutual playfulness with English…even with your aversion to using or heeding a spell-checker :wink: Believe me, I’m talking the inability to string a sentence together with any recognised structure, not nuance and colo(u)r!


@CreativelyCandi x