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No getting answer from Fiverr regarding refund

This is my first time using Fiverr and so far the experience has been terrible. I ordered a logo for my company, and the problems began when I realized my designer was using a image from a base, image that was so popular that literally took me 5 minutes to find other logos on google with the same image. I couldn’t cancel the order because the designer had completed it without my consent, so I tried to make it work with her but it was imposible and it’s a long story.
I filed a complain with Fiverr around a week ago, requesting de devolution of my money, since the job I hired is not done. Still haven’t heard anything from Fiverr, so this has turned it a frustrating experience, not only with the designer but the website itself.
Has anyone out there had a similar experience? Any idea how can I get the money back? Thanks a lot!!!

May I clarify on what you mean by “completed it without your consent”, did s/he mark the order as complete? Once the seller delivers an order you can request for a revision or modification on the order, it’s in the hands of the buyer to mark an order as complete – if you don’t mark it as complete OR did not ask for a revision/modifications, after 3 days the order becomes “automatically” marked as complete. [although there is some ongoing cases due to a beta feature on the site wherein sellers can mark the order as complete – but I’m not sure if this is the case here]

Anyhow, were you able to check up on ticket you sent in to Customer Support? [there are some cases that the ticket did not get sent or something]. – if you can see your ticket with the status “open” you can simply make a follow up (on the same ticket) considering it has been a week and there has been no response from their end.

The only way you’ll get your money back is through talking to Customer Support or maybe talking to the seller that you wish for a refund? (considering you did try to make it work and it was impossible …and the long story part)


I think this may be a continuation of your previous thread:

which will give users more info about your situation?

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Logo from Adobe database .