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No gig conversion rate


Hello guys, hope you are making good sales!
I am getting pretty good impressions, clicks and views for many days now. For example I got 16 clicks and 16 views yesterday, but not a single one of them converted into order. All the recent orders are from recurring buyers. I’ve made new gig portfolio video and what not. Also the grammar is perfectly fine. Can you guys help me figure out why I can’t get any conversion?


@lunarmedia… I want a logo…My question is why should I buy from you instead of your competitors?


Actually this is an animation gig. In this category every freelancer has something different under his belt. There are a lot of unique gigs out there and mine is one of them. My work is unique and has brought a lot of customers in the past. I don’t know why it stopped.


Comparing your gig with others in your category, how are you unique?


I bring completely different skill set on the table. My animations are totally custom so if there is another gig right besides my gig that will have a different theme/touch and idea of the animation. That human nature uniqueness is what makes every gig in this category different, except the ones that use template.