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No Gig Extra Ban Killing Me


Hi everyone. So, no I haven’t been “banned” from gig extras, I’m just new and not allowed to add them for I guess 30 days or something… But, I have buyers who are asking me to do extra things, like add extra webpages…In the future, I’ll charge $5 per page, but since I can’t do gig extra’s now, how do I handle it? Should I do it for free just to build up my business? Please help?


You can always ask clients to make multiple orders.


I agree with vectormoon. Multiple gigs is available to anyone. If you can’t get the few jobs needed to go to level 1, something else is wrong. Good luck!

Edit: I just happened back across this thread and it occurred to me to mention that you aren’t under any kind of ban. None of us (at least since I joined) had extras prior to level 1. You work more and get paid less as a norm for those first sales. It isn’t a ban unless it was given to you and then taken away.


Reply to @fonthaunt: I see that I have the capability to add gig extras, but I thought I read somewhere that you had to be a level one seller to utilize them… Sheesh! I just don’t want to get myself into trouble… Thanks for the tip.

I really wish there was something like “Fiverr University” …a series of videos that would take thick-headed newbies like me by the hand and walk us through the system, step by step.


Reply to @kjblynx: As long as that is within Fiverr’s terms and conditions, I think I will go ahead and modify my gig to reflect that in the description. Thanks for the tip…