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No gig orders 3 months

Hello, I am having trouble getting gig orders. I have changed my gig page, put on new offers. And put samples on my gig page. Have spread them through Social media as well. Changed my prices and have had no orders. Have impressions, clicks and views. But no orders. Please help. Thanks John


Are you doing anything productive to market and promote your gigs to the target customers that need your services?

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Yes, marketing on goggle, linkdin, facebook and twitter. I do Voice overs but I put my name out in social media. In hope to get some work, I am new to this market. . . so I am learning. As far as the marketing is concerned. Thanks for the tip

Perhaps your customers are not located on social media. :wink:

May be you can try 3 packages set up from Fiverr.

Ok i will also thanks

Be patient ,keep updating gigs…

Be pateint im doing this scince 4 month and didnt get any order yet

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Stay Strong and be confident. Same happened to me for last 6 months approximately. I didn’t any order. Now wait is over. I am getting orders for projects since last couple of weeks. Also, Use a Buyer Request Feature and bid on the request on daily basis. You should all 10 bids everyday.
And try to be responsive in conversation/. As I checked your profile your response time is 20 hours. Which is very low. It should be 1-2 hours.

good bro
You can search it on forum help

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Congratulations! It seems to me that already those 3 months without orders in your Gig were reduced to 20 hours!

Post a link? Are your profile gigs made public?

Thaks for the advice. But how can I get my response time up if I am not getting orders to help?

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yes they are. On 4-5 social media links.

You can’t just spam links and expect people to come running. You are 1 out of 5825 Voice Over artists here on Fiverr, what are you doing to have yourself stand out? How are you marketing? You are a VOA, do you have a YouTube that shows the world samples of your work? Do you have a Portfolio? Do you blog?

Your family and friends are NOT the people who will be buying your work. You need to make yourself known. Brand yourself and your work. Show people that you even exist. Show them why they should bother buying you and not the competition.

Fiverr is not free money, it’s a business. You’re a business. Act like a business.


Add skill. Tell how long your experience.

You did all, I think you need to keep patience and wait.

keep sharing on social media and make some changes in title or tag or desc or make give some extra in your gig hope you will get order soon

You should refresh buyer request for every one hour to get latest buyer request info