No gig traffic. Suggestions?


Hey, Fiverr!

I feel like I used to get a ton of orders. I’ve been on Fiverr for a few years - I have a 5 star rating and great buyer reviews. I used to get a few orders a week, however, now, I’m lucky if I get one order a month. I still come online once a day, I’ve made use of the new “Available Now” feature, and I routinely update my profile. Not sure what is wrong or why it seems my orders have essentially stopped.

Fiverr used to be a great source of extra income, but now I’m making nothing. I’m seriously thinking of deactivating but would love not to.

Does anyone have ANY ideas or tips on how to regain gig traffic?


Please let us know what is the key method or if there is a site that will be used to sell more. Thank you


I think this is the reason for your sell drop.
Buyers usually like to buy from online sellers, try to stay online for the maximum time as you can. '
Amazing gig btw, GoodLuck :sunflower:


Thanks so much for the tip, wp_kid! I’ll try keeping Fiverr active and open for longer stretches of time. :blush:


Your gig looks great, your profile shot, everything. It all looks great. Your voice sounds great. Your problem is none of those things.

I have theory, which I espoused a couple of times on here before: As Fiverr approaches its eventual IPO/buyout, revenues are becoming very important. Revenue divided by impressions is the ratio that makes Fiverr favor one gig over another (as logically it should).

Your gig is waaaaay cheap, but your gig options are expensive. This creates adverse selection (upsells are always easier to close if they are small in comparison to the base price), so that your average transaction price is quite low. (I know that I don’t really know this. But I’m guessing your average ticket is significantly lower than mine, and my gigs rank extremely well. And so I sell a lot of stuff.)

If I were you, I would:

Raise your base price to $25, but keep the incremental cost of additional words to $5.

Kill most of your gig extras, like commercial rights. What’s it to you how they use your clip?

Create a new somewhat-unique voiceover gig every week for the next few weeks. They will get rotated into the top of the search for a few days. (Don’t you love how Fiverr does that?)

Re-record your gig video to start it with a USP (“I have been told I have the most beautiful voice on Fiverr”), go to a call-to-action “Order now. I promise you won’t regret it. :)”, and only THEN start your portfolio clips.

I am pretty sure my little plan will work. Best of success to you. :slight_smile:


I stay on Fiverr all my waking hours via the Fiverr phone app. :grinning:


Good Suggesition


Selfors!!! Thank you SO incredibly much for your suggestions! Truly, you are so kind. I will take all of them and make some intense edits this week based on your ideas!!

My only concern is the $25 Commercial License. The only reason why this is here on Fiverr is because it’s meant to mimic real life voiceover residuals - when you do a voiceover for copy that is used for a TV show or a commercial, you are sent a cheque every single time your voice airs. So, if your voice is used to sell millions of dollars of Samsung televisions, you get a small cut of that pay. It ensures you continue to profit as long as the company does. In the real world, even if you do a commercial that flops, you make $100 minimum per 20 minutes of studio work; with small residual cheques every month after.
That being said, on Fiverr, I’m lucky if any commercial pays me $10. The Commercial License is sort of the only way I make money; it turns an $8 take into a $28 one. I worry that if I take the base price up, the buyers who wouldn’t need a Commercial License (like a Voicemail or Powerpoint creator) will be deterred by the high price, and conversely, that I’ll lose money on those projects that would normally require a license.

I’ve been wanting to raise my base price for awhile, but I worry.

What do you think?


I’d say forget about the commercial license.
If someone orders your gig for $5 and uses it on a local radio or TV, then most likely you won’t know about it. Even if you did, who’s gonna go after that small business?
I might be wrong though. If you feel that all your $5 buyer didn’t use it for commercial purpose then keep it.

Instead, raise your base price to 10 or 15 and say it covers the commercial license. If a buyer sees that commercial is just 5 or 10 more then they are more likely to order it. I think right now you’re losing some buyers because $25 is too expensive extra for a $5 gig and there’s no way for you to monitor license usage anyway.


A great point. Thank you, uxreview!


I am on the high side for everything I offer (except for my course), and Fiverr has richly rewarded me with exceptional placement, and a very good living. (Keep in mind, I always exceed expectations, I bring a lot of buyers in from outside Fiverr, and my offers are highly differentiated.)

You owe it to yourself to spend 2 weeks testing the market at $25 (with inexpensive and few options). Once your revenue-per-order goes us, you end up with a higher search ranking. You can always go back down if I’m wrong.

Best of success to you. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much, selfors! You’ve inspired me! I’m going to start tonight by raising my base price to $15, but putting every single extra at $5 apiece. I will get back to you soon with the results. Hopefully positive ones! :smile:


I can’t speak for the world, but I’m an impulse buyer. When I see lowered priced extras, I go crazy with the add on’s. My brains reads it as, “Hey, it’s only $5, so why not? Go for it.”

I can buy 8 extras, spend additional $40 and feel good. OTOH, spending $20 on just 1 extra, isn’t as enticing.

I guess it’s the feeling of getting more for my money that sends some sort of euphoria to my brain. It’s like the commercial license, regardless of the reason for sellers charging it, my brain reads it as forced giving - not getting anything in return.

The very few times - like three, I think - I played for CUL, I didn’t leave a tip. I paid extra for something I ended up making $0 in profit so technically, seller got a good tip.


I hope it works for you. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much sir, very useful info, I saw your your critics for many gigs on this forum, I am a new seller. Would you mind checking out my gigs and the profile sir? Kindly, your suggestions are important for me if you have time, I will take it in to consideration, thank you Mr Selfors.


I am sooooo looking forward to the day you would help me criticize my gigs… Your inputs are worth more than diamond!


I appreciate your suggestions, really!, I will take all of them in to concideration, Thank you so much MR: SELFORS, I will make these changes immediately, again thank you very much.


This is an excellent, excellent point. Thank you SO much, Gina!


Thank you very much selfors. Your suggestions really helpful to me also. I’m a seller since 2013 but suddenly lose my sales. I think it happens when the services over 5$ start to dominate the fiverr. Time to re-think and adapt. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::grinning::grinning: