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No gigs advertised on the bottom of my message inbox please?!

I don’t like being shown large gigs on the bottom of my message inbox nor do I like knowing that people who are messaging me are being shown other gigs as they message me. Please stop fiverr.

It’s very large and says “Additional gigs to explore” and distracts both me and my buyers from our business with each other.

No displays of gigs in our message system please. It’s so annoying and tacky. If they want to explore additional gigs they know where to look for them.

The only good part of this is that they are not gigs from my own category.

It’s been that way ad long as I can remember.

It typically shows gigs I’ve purchased before or gigs from sellers I’ve purchased from before. I’m guessing they’re thinking since I’ve bought from seller X before so perhaps I’ll buy from them again.

In the old days or when I was kinda new, they used to show competitors gigs. As an example if I were to open your gig, a list of other seller with very similar gigs would pop up as recommended or others. Most of the time they would show level 0 and 1.

I get the folks I’ve bought from previously, nowadays.

Agree, it’s a distraction. After all, I’m talking to you, if I want to talk to someone else, I have a favorite folder & transaction page I can go to.

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