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No gigs after vacation modus. Help!

I have just been on a vacation for three weeks and I put my gig on vacation modus. Normally I was receiving around 10 gigs per week and now nothing. What happened and most important how can I get my gigs up again. Please check out my gig and profile and send me any advice that comes to your mind.

This is my gig

If you rely solely upon Fiverr to generate sales leads, then putting yourself on vacation mode for three weeks is a sure way to step out of the spotlight. To be specific, using vacation mode doesn’t do anything to your gig except hide it from Fiverr’s search results and preventing buyers from starting a new order. It doesn’t send your gig into an automatic death spiral, or punish you for taking time away. It’s just the same as not getting any orders, and that can happen even when you’re not on vacation mode. Your solution is to recruit more of your own buyers and - if there are many buyer requests for the service you’re offering - send lots of custom offers. And remember to keep things in perspective: 10 gigs a week is a nice little $160 bump at the end of the month, but when you’re an established seller and are accustomed to doing 10 gigs per day, you’ll be thankful for break.

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