No Gigs Found


I had some Gigs done by a Seller I’d like to do more business with. I went to their page, but instead of finding information I found only their name, picture and a message that say “no gigs found”. What does this mean? Are they no longer with Fiverr or on a long break?



If they completely deactivated their Fiverr account, I don’t think they would show up–but often when I am overwhelmed with orders or take a vacation, I suspend the gig temporarily so that I don’t come back to a pile-up. So, that Seller may just be taking a break, as you said!



which service you are looking for ?? design? photoshop works ? i am here , see my profile.


Their account has likely been deactivated as it should show their gig but in a suspended state or being visible but not being able to order


Yes that account might be deactivated. Either fiverr deactivated or user him self deactivated his account. These days people are enjoying holidays. Wait for few days, may be he will reactivate his account.


Thank you. It was as you said a long holiday.


surely he deleted his gigs or fiverr suspended his or her services. but here in fiverr over 3 millions of gigs so you can easily found anyone else to work for you.