No gigs since i reach Level One even with some changes


Hello everybody ! Thanks for taking the time to read me, i appreciate, well, i have a little question, maybe it’s just me, but i reached Level 1 Seller few days ago, and since this day, i did not have gigs, just one, and it was a seller i already help.

I would like to know if there is a way to continue to have gigs ? I think Fiverr help newbie to have gigs to help them to reach level 1 (like it was for me).

Do i have to made a new account just to have new gigs ?

I change some tags on my gigs, i made new gigs like logo, review in french, translation, i put videos on some gigs, i put a banner on yourfiverr , so, i would like a little help :slight_smile:

Take care of you, cheers


I am always watching what my competitors are doing and how they are promoting their gig, like twitting, posting on facebook periodically, I have been getting some orders and day by day my sale is increasing. If you check this forums, you can get lots of other idea for same.


I think we are all having the same experience, after I leveled up too, sales been very slow for me. =(


I had banging first 1 week. Generated over $200 but for the past 2 weeks I’ve had almost no sales (2-3).

I don’t know what’s happening.


I have no sales suddenly either. I’ve tweaked, promoted, added, done a rain dance … nothing. I have no idea what’s suddenly happened. Maybe people are broke? I know in the US a new payroll tax and healthcare changes have taken a bite out of paychecks (at least ours.) It’s very odd, but I’m hearing this a lot.


I’m getting some nibbles, but not like I had before. Ah well, it’s just a waiting game I guess.


Same here - sales went down afer I’ve got promoted to Level 1.

What might contribute to this is that there are more and more of us here and just having a Gig somewhere sitting around isn’t enough anymore. If we want to get sales again, we need to start using guerrilla tactics, as a lot of Level 2 and Top Sellers are doing.


Well, my sales is slowly picking up again. Hope you guys are too! =)


I’ve noticed this as well, I was on fire. Leveled up within a couple of weeks had a few more backed up, then nothing. Haven’t had a single hit in about 2 weeks which is strange. Also I’ve noticed that my ranking in the search has changed drastically. I’m curious as to why a level 1 seller with 100% gig rating is soo far down the list. Oh well, i’ll hold on.


So, can we say that Fiverr’s algorithm and the way different gigs are placed in the search have a pattern, which places different seller at different times so that everyone gets equal exposure?


Me too, very odd.


Yeah, especially in certain areas like Graphic Design, Logos, SEO, Likes/Followers, there are simply hundreds of people offering similar services.

I really liked that Fiverr introduced the sub categories, it somehow organised the thousands of gigs. However, as more people sign up, there should some else introduced. Some that can offer sellers more exposure. Just an idea from the top of my head- instead of having a vertical scrolling list of gigs, different gigs can be organised in square filling the whole page. Then it’s up to the seller to differentiate from the rest by having really eye catching “square” … well it’s just a simple idea. :slight_smile:


I don’t really know either, i hope i can find a solution on this, it’s not like i need fiverr to live, but i actually live in Spain, where the crisis is so damn high, so , even 4$ is really appreciate…


Seems to come in cycles - it’ll pick back up. Slow this week for me also.


It’s coming up to the end of the month, people are still waiting to get paid probarbly


This was EXACTLY what happened to me last week. So I spent time tweaking. I ALSO did a couple differnt gigs within different categories. My most popular gig is for voiceovers, in the music and audio category. I also made a gig in the advertising/radio category and in the voice mail category. They have been generating traffic and interest.

Last week I was so stressed out about getting so few sales, and now I’m crazy busy this week. Trust me, this too shall pass, and good luck!