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No gigs views What can I do sir

Hello, friends please help me.I create a gigs on fiverr my gigs status is active but my gigs no views. then I change my gigs title and description.after some days result no. So please help me What can I do

I am not a “sir” but I can offer advice. Fiverr does not put editorial focus on new social media gigs so they rarely if ever show up in search. You can promote them yourself by using your own method and submit your gig manually to hundreds of places. If your method works, great.

If that doesn’t work for you, you probably need to come up with new gig ideas. Look at the Fiverr main page and see what gig types are encouraged the most. Them come up with a unique twist to make yours stand out and go for it.

Read the many ideas in Tips for Sellers as well.

Thanks for information friends.I will try your advice to promote my gigs on hundreds or more websites submit by manual. Can you tell me others way to promote my gigs any suggests me.

One more information please
My gigs show on fiverr gigs list Can anybody Order this gigs then views show it . Tell me friend.


Yes, anybody who sees your gig anywhere can order it.