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No got orders yet


I had created my account since 2018.almost 1 year will be completing soon.
but i did not get any order yet.I think fiverr is fake and nothing to do work.
I completely disappointed to that freelance marketplace…


If there is something to be disappointed about then it’s only your actions.
Fiverr is not fake and a lot of us get the living out of this. But as any business you need to compete, orders wouldn’t come to you by themselves just because you created some gigs. Business is tough and on fiverr it’s even more difficult because you are competing with thousands of sellers with top quality and YOU need to convince your buyers to buy from you. If that still didn’t happen then there is something that people don’t like about your gig.
Or you might even have interesting gigs but without reaching to your target audience you will never build a business.


Keep patient… and improve your gig.Also you need to active in fiverr.


You know that expression a bad workman always blames his tools?

Well, when you post things like this, that’s what viewers are going to think of you.

Take accountability. Fiverr is great if you use it well and you won’t get anywhere as a freelancer by publicly (and without substantiating) blaming a company when something doesn’t go your way. It’s petty.


Your average response time is 5 hours, your picture in fiverr profile is different girl and on forum it is different so not even sure you are using your real identity on fiverr.


I think you did not checked my pic. both pics are not different in fiverr and forum. It’s both are same,my dear.
By the way thanks to you, for your suggestion. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Haha! yes it’s true the bad workman blames his tool.
but somehow many critical situations are occur then due to this workman blames his tool. because somehow he/she disappointed from this tool dear.

As you said, bad workman but i m not that’s why i taking my words again. I 'm sorry fiverr.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I checked and that was different and then you changed again. so this time i came up with this :female_detective:

See, it is different. But it is your account so you do whatever you want to do girl.