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No help menu or contact email or # on fiverr?

i have a few basic questions- the fact i cant talk to anyone is very frustrating.

There is customer support (<- click the link) if you need to get in contact with Fiverr. Or, you have the forum here for such things as advice, tips, etc. The CS link can be found on the bottom of the page, amongst other useful links. :slight_smile: See screenshot below. Hope this helps!

There is almost no way to contact customer support. It is a joke. How long did you guys spend trying to make it as complicated as possible?

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Reply to @cheezees:

An oldie but a goodie!

Could it be any more difficult to get customer support?! Love working with the freelancers but customer service from Fiverrs side is a joke. Why can’t you just list a phone # we can call for support?

Still a bad supporting system. I’m trying for days to contact the fiverr team, cause I’m having issues on buying gigs. My card is not accepted, not in paypal, not even if I choose to pay with visa. Tried 2 different cards. Doesn’t allow me to buy and I have put all the cards information correctly.

Also I must say that I can buy naturally on ebay through paypal too. But on fiverr I cannot buy anything.

I tried to search some threads in the forum about this issue. Didn’t find anything.

I sent a request for the fiverr team but as it seems they always want to help people that already have bought something, because they force us to insert an order number, otherwise the request will not be sent. So, because I don’t have any order number, I decided to write “don’t have one” in the order number. It was accepted and the request was sent.

Let’s see if I will get an answer soon.

Same thing with me. I cannot buy on fiverr and I have started requesting different platforms besides fiverr from sellers. It’s genius if not insulting that a company aware of its client size and range would pass of its critical customer support system to another small company, who lack a credible customer support unit themselves. Amazing how they get idiotic clients to deffend them on these forums, then again, it could be their clone accounts because I doubt anyone with customers to serve would be going through forums looking for ways to defend their beloved fiverr with daft excuses like “they are a small company with large customers” or “the ticketing system is better than calls”, let’s put your phone, utilities, credit card and security (yes 911) for your small business on a bloody ticket system that answers months after submitting and see how your fare with your customers.

Please i want to close my fiverr account how can go about it…thanks

Someone message me when i open the message the message is not open and on the top of the page dialog box appear"This user is not contacted directly due to security reasons"