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No hit on my gig over a year


Hi ,

I have completed 363 order in 2015. only 3 negative reviews (which only because of time frame ). my response rate 100%, response time 1 hour . but I notice suddenly I stop getting the response from fiver. In 2017 its goes to 0 hits. I heard fiver more focus to promote new freelancer rather than old (which I won’t believe).But Guy does you have any tip how to get the order like I had.

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Try completely re - writing your Gig description to target the popular keywords your potential Customers may be searching for.

Also, revise the Gig Tags and Title accordingly.

Try different angles until you find the one that gives you the best result.

You’ve got good reputation. You aren’t using any sales because of your reviews. It’s probably a technicality.

Think of a new keywords, tags and title to target your audience.


thanks, @richardbloch . I was planning to write new gig . i did rewrite a gig but no response .i did contact with support they response they can not help me with order .