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No, I cannot confirm I have received your order while I am asleep

Someone ordered two pieces from me in the early hours of the morning. Less than three hours later (still in the early hours), when they had not heard from me, they decided to cancel the orders. This is despite me having messaging in all my gigs asking that people contact me before placing orders. Needless to say, this has killed my stats, and this makes me sad…


Wow… that’s amazing :smile: That’s the fiverr originality

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Welcome to Fiverr…


Good Morning Paul, :sunny:

It is good to know I am not the only one that is sad :frowning: this morning. I have a difficult buyer this morning that I am thinking on how to deal with. :confused:


We usually have 24 or 48 hours (I don’t remember…) to accept or decline the cancellation.
How did he manage to cancel the order before you accept/decline the cancellation?

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I should have been more clear - the buyer sent through a cancellation request, which I had no option but to accept.


Hi Paul, couldn’t you have refused on the grounds that you were still asleep and he was unreasonable, or did you try to reason with him and he insisted on cancelling?
If anyone would try to do that with me I would fight it.


Unfortunately, the buyer insisted - I did go back to them with some options, but no dice…


Sleeping Paul? Really?
Such a noob mistake to make.
I thought you were past that.
Have some extra coffee for lunch and that will solve that issue for you.


Is that why you’re Out of Office now?

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Eventually, everyone gets caught by the system. It’s just a matter of time… :frowning_face:

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Buyer is always right, dear. Just switch to powernapping instead of sleeping, then you can check your inbox every 15 minutes.



That’s not the specific reason, I just had a bunch of non-Fiverr work come in today with tightish deadlines… I will admit though, this is a frustrating situation…


Ouch! Usually higher level/pro buyers behave a little better than that, sorry that happened, but with that level of impatience, you may have dodged a bigger bullet :slight_smile:


It definitely is!

Have you talked to CS? Will this count against your stats, even though it wasn’t your fault?

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I emailed my Fiverr Pro Success Manager to let him know, so we’ll see…


Never had someone order and then cancel, but have had people message me and get annoyed when I don’t message them back immediately. Like dang, bro, wait, I am probably on the porcelain throne or grocery shopping or something.

It’s like people think you don’t have other things to do with your life.


Beat me to it

Welcome to the club mate.

I don’t wanna be that guy but this happens to a lot of people including me almost every two months. Matter of fact, something like this just happened to me today too. I know for a fact that Fiverr would never even consider the possibility for doing something to help in situations like this.


It will be interesting to see if they treat you differently than us, mere mortals… :smiley_cat:

I had those, but typically they say that they ordered by mistake, or that their boss already ordered from someone else, or something like that.

They probably expect you to take your phone with you and respond. And just in case: I’m not kidding. There are bosses who actually expect their employees to do that.