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No, I'm not going to make an entire song for the price of a big mac

After seeing a buyer request today to compose an entire song for $10 and send them a sample before being chosen for the honour, I have to ask are they actually expecting quality music for this price?

To compose, sound design, mix and master an entire song to a standard that doesn’t make me ashamed of myself takes at minimum 5 hours. Anyone willing to “make” you a song for $10 is sending you stock music or worse.

I see these requests constantly and being a new seller I’m willing to work cheap but I just had someone try to haggle me down from $35 for an entire song to $25.

Music brings huge value in increasing sales, viewer engagement with your videos, bringing a professional feeling to whatever you’re presenting, etc.

Value your musicians and their work!


It’s up to you to set your prices and stick to them. Unfortunately there are a lot of sellers who will grasp at anything, for any tiny amount of money. So there are also buyers who will be unreasonable. As a seller we can choose how we want to do business.

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What’s even worse is that people actually apply for these kind of ,privileges" . Would laugh so hard to see what the buyer actually gets at the final delivery, pretty sure it’s worth a Grammy.