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No impression, click, view & buyer request

I am facing a problem for many days. I don’t get any buyer request for many days. Yesterday night, I published a new gig, but today morning, I see that this gig has no impression, click & view. I am much depressed for this.

Can anyone help me out?


Are you marketing and promoting your gig (anywhere other than social media)?

if you not marketing your service Then maybe this is a good time to start doing that. Don’t expect your buyers to randomly find you, go out into the world and find them. If you want sales, you’re going to have to work for them.


Thanks for commenting.
Can you please tell me in which site I can promote my GIG other than social media?

You can promote your service social media. Like facebook, twitter, pinterest etc.


Is this really helpful to get orders?

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No really. You can do it once or twice, after that it becomes spammy and annoying.

Then what is the right way of GIG marketing? Can you please tell?

Social Media is going to be a big one, but you need to make sure you don’t come off as spam by keeping those self-promotional posts relevant to the places/groups you’re promoting in. Then you could try promoting in your local area, so certain neighborhood apps, coffeeshops, or neighborhood facebook groups. Just one post a week. Find local or online meetups for businesses since one of your gigs is about being a virtual assistant. Personally, promoting is about how exactly your wording/ presenating yourself online. You need to come off as someone genuinely trying to off a quality service with the desire to help versus someone constantly pushing their services in other’s faces. Also when your receive an order, ask them how they found out about your gig, so that you can keep track of which promotional method is working best for you.

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