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No Impression No Click(Level Two)


Hope so everyone doing well.
I am very worried because My gig gone on last page, one month ago No order came from new buyer. And also promote option disable.
Please HELP me.

Here my GIG link:


Same thing happened with me almost 1.5 month ago I am also level 2 seller


Same things happens to me.

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I thought I am one with this problem I don’t know what is wrong why have they deranked all the gigs

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Whats going on?? If you have any idea?

What’s going on?? If you have any idea?

No I have contacted fiverr support many times and they just reply me with that nothing is wrong your gigs are live and all

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I also edit gig alot but no any feedback :sob:

Now!! Whats you are doing for gig?

nothing I have left it there working somewhere else different place

i need help to get buyer

the same thing to me, gig moved to last pages

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What going on???
Everyone saying same here

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Same here , from top page to last . 1 month has passed and its still there .

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Really!! Its going with everyone
Now what a solution if anyone?/

Same on me. The last time i saw the impression is up 45. I try to edit my gig, then i cancelled it.and now its down 34. Im a newbie. I try my luck at the buyers request but i dont got a chance for my first buyer to be made

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You can be edit you gig, then another try,.

But If are not working, then you can be create a new gig

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I think drop your gig to last page. Get more repeat buyer’s order and do your best. Important thing - Private feedback is most important thing.


Trying to this…Give 100% result to old client

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The same things happen to me. :cry:

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