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No impression on promoted gig

7 days after I pay promotions with a highest possible bid ($3, second biggest after me is someone with $0.41) and I don’t have a single impression.
I am TRS, everything on 100%.

CS says: We can’t guarantee anyone will click on your ad.

Well, I am not asking about clicks, I am asking about impressions. This is unbelievable how they communicate with sellers.


Have a look at this thread. Your will find that many have not been happy with the feature.

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I just hope they are trying to fix things!

After checking many topics, I think something is wrong in promoted GIG feature. My GIG went down(Not even on last page) just 2 days after I started GIG ads feature.

I was off from Fiverr due to internet blackout for 1 year. But I used the promote gig option and I am quite happy. I have got almost 300 Impression with 20+ clicks on my gig and 1 order only. However 3 people approached me through the promoted gig.

Might be issue only with you as I am happy with the feature just only now I am not able to add my card for backup payemnt as this feature is helping me to get back on Fiverr

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Many sellers have same issue! Its a huge bug! So many TRS and L2 sellers falls to the last page after or while using promoted gig feature.


Me too my impressions fell drastically after using the promoted gigs…and the promoted gigs doesn’t even count…no impressions nothing at all

Yes, I was on page 1, but now after applying 3 filters, my GIG ranking on Page 7, Crazy