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No impressions ? all my views are from my own marketting

I cant seem to find my gigs when looking from other phones and can only find them when sending direct link,
does anybody have the same issue ?


I think I’m the only one who never checks for the search results.
I also never ever watched a single episode of Games Of Thrones or The Walking Dead.


Hello Mariokluser,
I have tried many things that i have found on the search result on this forum.
I have:
-Changed my tags and tittle to match similar gigs
-Made sure that my SEO had the right keywords
-Duplicated the exact same gig and deleted the previous one

The only thing left to do is to contact customer service, however i wanted to see if i could solve this by asking around in the forum since most replies are old.

I actually haven’t watched those shows because they do not bring any value to me and are quite frankly a waste of time. Created by people that want to make money.

On the other hand a concrete response with proper directions would be appreciated, but i guess i cant ask for that even from an old timer :slight_smile:

Customer support it is!

Thanks for your time.

Dear Mario:

Winter is coming.
Lucille is a pleasant name for an unpleasant thing.

Hope this helps,


I also have similar issues but I never stop promoting my gigs and with the looks of thing I think it best we new users on Fiverr should keep to promoting our gigs until we are featured, member

i guess you are not old enough to watch game of thrones then :smiley:

Neither do I, the novels are always hotter if you know what i mean :wink:

Sometimes it takes time getting an order. Just be patient and send offers on buyer requests. It helped me get my first order. Good luck!

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I am sure it shows 1 or twice in 24 hours but we don’t know which time it is.

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Had a look at your gig and see that you mention contact details outside of Fiverr which isn’t allowed. Just make sure to read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the main page as you will need permission from customer support to offer this.