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No IMPRESSIONS in my gig


i don’t know what happen but i don’t get impressions and views,clicks in my gigs anymore what’s the problem is i need to update something in my gigs or my fiverr account?? thanks


share your gig in social media


share your gig on social media regularly


How can I share my gig on social media regularly?


use this tools


You do your gigs seo Marketing, good results.:grinning:


This tools are useful…I know. I can share my gig once there not regularly. That’s why my qs how can I marketing my gig regularly?


Share your gig on social network(like facbook, linkedin, twitter, google+) to getting more views and impression. it help you most to getting new order. thanks☺


promote it to get more order besides that you can follow this section:


thanks a lot for this suggestion.