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No impressions, no sales

When I mention my impressions are dropping and I start losing sales, everyone else is like “hurr durr impressions don’t mean nuthin hurr durr”. Well I beg to differ. I make a new gig, gig shows in search results for 2 days, orders start rolling and I even start getting some positive feedback, and then, whoosh. Gig fu*kin disappears. Like, why? No mo’ orders… So impressions don’t matter, huh?.. Then I contact support why that happened, apparently not in editors focus? Haha. So they prefer the other million gigs, mind you New Arrivals with broken English basically copy paste gigs and google images thumbnail. Shieet. Then I’m forced to pause the gig with feedback, and re-create the same goddamn gig. So and then we come to the “promote your gig”. Like why would I do that? So they remove my gig from search results so I can drive traffic to your site from other sources? We are not affiliates, that’s not my job. If I could promote and sell my services on other sources, why would I sell here in first place? Fiverr’s supposed to drive traffic into my gig, not the other way around, lol.
Had to say this.
Fiverr plz no ban. ty,

Oh and by the way, I do promote my gigs on reddit and facebook groups. See? I still do it.

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No, Fiverr’s a marketplace which promotes whatever gigs it likes and gives you a platform where you can yadda yadda yadda. If your gigs aren’t in the editorial focus, then that’s not going to happen. If you want that extra help, you need to create gigs within that rather broad focus.

Ignore the broken English people. It’s interesting that you complain that you’re not getting enough exposure compared to them. The exposure is fairly equal from what I can tell until an issue occurs. So, not in editorial focus, being awful, being a scam etc would all cause a gig to drop like a lead balloon out of the rankings.

Then you go and make the same gig in the not in the editorial focus?

Also, reddit hates spamvertising unless it’s barely disguised astroturfing.

I think the problem here is you. Stop moaning, make gigs that work and profit. Pretty simple. I had several early gigs that were declined. Guess what–I just made other gigs instead of whining. It worked.

PS–nothing to stop you not affiliating with Fiverr and starting up your own website, keeping the 20% and etc. Better attitude than moaning, too. But I get it, it’s the ranting pot and you wanted to moan. Problem is, it’s not going to get you anywhere.

The problem is probably selling likes and followers.

Perhaps you can offer something that doesn’t break a third party’s Terms of Service?

I’m not moaning, my gigs are fine that sell when actually SHOWN on the site. About people with broken English getting more exposure than me, indeed I find that interesting as well…

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I have the same problem. Have you figured out a solution?