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No IMPRESSIONS no view no click

i open a gig after 1 day i’m not getting a single of IMPRESSIONS ,click ,views …
i don’t know what is the problem is …
i’m so worried please help me out …


wait 3 days bro @hasanulhsr.

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ok bro thanks a lot .
i also have 2 more gig 1 have 5 impression no view no click after 2 days
another have 18 impression some click some view after 7 days …
does it normal …?

No bro. You should give more time in this market place and

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ok bro… but i’m pretty much active all time …

Great. So wait for success.

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ok bro … thank you .
and the problem is my gig is not growing

Don’t worry it’s a bug on the platform (22-23 October).
Fiverr developers are working to improve gig Stats page.

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Check this topic (about known Fiverr bugs):


thanks a lot…

thank you so much