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No impressions nor orders for gigs

Hello there, I have been on fiverr for almost 7 months but started doing it seriously only in april, so far I have created, modified and deleted few gigs, but I’m yet to get any impressions, clicks or orders, I only get a order once in a while via Buyer Requests and returning customers. My gigs are not shown in the SERP.

I know there is no magic to make it appear at the top, but if any of you have any tips or instructions to make my gig better and to get more impressions/clicks & hopefully orders, Please do share them.

My profile: :point_right:



I think you should delete all your old gigs and create new ones and do gig marketing to improve impressions


thank you for the opinion, I have deleted few gigs earlier, but I have gigs which have reviews, 5 star ones. So, if I delete gigs and create new ones, reviews will be lost too (It’ll show on my profile but not on the gigs). :thinking:

And can I know how to do gig marketing, I’m completely lost here. :cry:

Might be you have 2 account on same network.

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No I only have one account :slightly_smiling_face:

These are the some quick Tips for your business

1.Create unique gigs
2. send request to your buyer
3. spend time on forums



Thanks for the info, already doing them to some degree but may need to spend more time if to get better. :grinning:

Great! believe your fiverr journey :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah sure, Thanks for the positive words and all the best for you as well. :grinning:

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Thank you!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Soldier is ready, Waiting for your orders Sir!

The above sentence from under your profile image will, and probably has, put off many females from buying your gigs.


same problem…

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OMG, I didn’t think it through till now, Well I think should take a look at my profile before going to gigs then, Thank you very much for the opinion :slightly_smiling_face:

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hopefully we’ll get answers in this thread :grinning:

if you dont want to delete gigs then edit them and improve them. also if possible add a video to the gig. and share them on social medias.

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I heard that if I make edits it will go down on the search results and never show up, I don’t know if there is any truth in it, but I have already updated few gigs and had no luck with them. :cry:

As per the videos i’m creating a video for my gigs and will upload it in few days maybe day after tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is sharing on the social media risky? I have seen people share hearts & etc, but really don’t know whether it is good or bad. :thinking:

Thank you very much for taking time to say those things and i’ll definitely have a look at them.
Cheers! :hugs:

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i dont think sharing your gigs is any risk. fiverr tells sellers to share their gigs on social media. it increases the possibility of getting order. but you cant advertise your gigs. its against their rules.

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send every day 10 buyer request with the proper description of your service.
Active up to 15 hours on Fiverr if you can then active 24 hours. you can active 24 hours by Fiverr mobile Apps.
Share Your gig in social media.
Update your gig once or twice in every month if you do not get an order.
Active also Fiverr Forum

Yes I know they tell to do so, But there is a risk If someone report the account right? I have heard those things happen and one of my friends’ top rated account got banned because of a fault of a scammer. I guess not everyone is same so that’s why I asked whether it is a risk to share my gig on gig sharing fb groups & etc. :thinking: