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No Impressions yet?


This is my Fiverr account. Give me your feedback on how to improve myself? and I am not getting any Impressions at all. what to do?


Hi Kishoore,

I read your profile, and I’m an editor as well, so I can only speak for that gig;

  1. When I read your description for professional editing and proofreading, I picked up on some errors in it. If you’re a professional then your English, punctuation, and grammar should be impeccable.

  2. For a gig with no orders/ reviews, your price is pretty high. When I now started, my price was less than half of yours. The revenue was slim, but the more important factor was getting a customer, providing excellent work, and building those reviews. Buyers rarely spend so much on someone with no reviews, when another seller with reviews is just a little more expensive.

  3. Try to create a niche gig; editing and proofreading is packed with many sellers, and most buyers tend to browse the first 3 pages. So breaking through that is tough, and if you do, getting an order is tougher. What I did was research my field, and find a gig that had far fewer sellers. And through that niche gig, I nabbed my first set of clients.

After that the clients will flow over to your high-earning gigs.

  1. Show samples through your pictures. If you’re a professional proofreader/editor, then you should have samples of your past work. If you can get your clients approval (this is mandatory), show excerpts of your previous work.

You provided skills: Video editing, logo design. But created GIG on content writing, linkedin profile creation, wordpress website design, proofreading.

Your gigs and your skill not match. And my question: how many skill do you have?

Looks like you are a web designer + graphics designer + content writer + social media expert for profile creation!!!

I do web designing, content writing as well as social media marketing. That is why I created these gigs. Is it wrong to create a wide variety of gigs?

Hi ,

Thanks for the advice . I will correct those errors.
And how much should I keep the price of the gigs.?

No, if you are skilled you can create. By the way, your GIG SEO is not perfect. You have to complete your GIG SEO

Thanks, will improve my Gig seo