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No improvement in my gig’s impression, clicks, views from last 4 days

Hi There,
Did anyone found that problem?


Although I have not seen it personally, this is a known problem now. Many people are saying the same thing and Fiverr is working to fix the issue.

I have faced the problem last 4 days.What can i do now?

its a bug, facing same problem even though i am getting orders from new buyers

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Don’t worry. All will be okay soon. It’s normal. Because I also see this from my side in several times.

its a glitch fiverr will fix

I’m facing same problem.How can i develop from there?

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Came here to see if anyone was experiencing the same thing… I’ve had flat stats @ zero for 4 days, however I’m still getting contacted by new clients. Appears to be a temporary bug affecting our stat counts. The important takeaway is that our gigs are still getting viewed despite what the stats say.


hello guys, I’m facing this problem even today 5/18/20 anyone also experiencing this.