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No Interest In "MY Fiverr Gigs" Section Of Fiverr User

Folks i need to know that why Fiverr users show no interest in “MY Fiverr Gigs” Section to know about gigs of each other.

need your answers about that query.

I have seen that many peoples are posting their gigs on Fiverr Forum to get some views to thier gigs but everyone view the topics in"Fiverr Stories" “Tips for Sellers” and “Tips for Buyers” Section.
There are not much people who come in the section that i mention above in my post
Why why why?


a) buyers do not generally visit the forum when looking for someone to do gig xyz. They come to share tips/rant about a bad experience/ask questions/shoot the breeze

b) the quality of posts there is extremely low: a post with a reply is 99.999% recurring likely to be “bump”.

c) Nobody likes being sold to, especially in such a transparent, begging way.

d) in the other sections, most views and/or comments are met with disapproval and “go to My Fiverr gigs”. Ergo, My Fiverr Gigs is a gulag for those who can’t advertise properly.

e) there MIGHT be some SEO benefits, but in a site drowning with competition, I’d say they’re minuscule

f) if you write interesting/annoying content around the forums, anyone with a slight interest will click your username and likely root through some of all your helpfully linked gigs.

tl;dr: because it’s crap.

Of course, Fiverr could skew this site even more with pre-paid advertising (with 20% fees added on for consistency!) That would be more effective, a nice little earner and annoy everyone. Who wins? Fiverr!

emmaki i like your point A
i think fiver forum is for helping each other giving free tips to each other sharing your experience with each other and for gigs promotion i think the best way is to promote it on social media.

pfft, social media advertising… should be 20% “hire me pls, I do great work at whatever” and 80% non-business, but interesting content. When done right, it works, but far too many people just do 100% desperado hire me plz posts. See post above for why this simply doesn’t work, with a new point:

g) I accept that there are cultural differences–but right now the global marketplace is based on US best business practices and language. Learn them, and use them. If it changed to Japanese overnight, I’d say the same thing with a lot more domo arigatos. You follow the money, not stalk it like a weirdo.

“My Fiverr Gigs” is just a category that acts as a buffer/placebo for sellers to advertise their own gigs for self-satisfaction. If it doesn’t exist, other categories will be swamped with self-promotion spams much more seriously than now. I think @fonthaunt has explained it in detail before, but I just can’t remember which thread it’s in…

Buyers do not need to go to the forum to find gigs. They search at the homepage, or use the feature of “Buyer Request”.