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No interest in my gigs?


Hi community, what’s up?

How’s business, especially.
I have been a member on fiverr for almost a year now - but only started to make gig offers about 1-2 months ago at most. ( )
Still, I haven’t had any business since then, not 1 single person. Am I doing something wrong here? Does anyone have some helpful advice maybe - or do things just take a lot of time to start picking up?


Kindly check your GIG and set properly and also take ideas from TOP sellers.


Nothing wrong with your gig. It’s just very, very niche. By definition, there is a limited number of people who need and are looking for this service so it’s not a big surprise. Frankly, I don’t think Fiverr is the place to find those who need your skills. You may get a few in the long run but if you are looking for a constant flow of work, Fiverr is not the place for this, nor for most kinds of gigs for that matter.

Have you provided this service outside of Fiverr? If so, have you got clients? You can’t depend on just one platform, you need to get out there. Seems from your gig that a good place would be where game developers hang out. Surely there are forums for that demographic. That’s where you need to be: contribute with your own postings and if the site monetizes with ads, you can place ads there too.


Who told you taking ideas from top sellers will get you anywhere?


I also think it’s the niche


Are you promoting your gigs outside of the Fiverr platform? If you’ve been on here for almost 1 year and still no sales, Houston we got a problem! It’s time to go full throttle tweaking your gigs - adding more interesting ones that fit your talent.


Thank you for the kind answers, community.
I did/do offer my service outside of Fiverr from time to time and got nice customers.
But I thought Fiverr would be making everything more convenient for me ( in other words, lets me be lazy, advertising-wise ^^; ) Apparently that is not the case, haha.
Oh well, guess in that case I still have to advertise / promote this gig outside of fiverr, huh?
That’s the most annoying part tho… haha. ^^ But apparently it still has to be done. ; )


Follow the “fiverr academy” in the bottom of the page. It has so many information to capture business.


I would make some other gigs that might draw people in. Or look for others in your field and check you have the right tags/heading etc.


It’s good you are offering your service outside Fiverr. Don’t depend solely on one platform. You should think about advertising yourself in as many places as possible, in particular where your prospects are or where they are looking for you such as search engines.

Yes, part of being in business is the advertising and marketing of oneself. It’s not always easy, most people don’t do it well and can be annoying to them as you put it. But it needs to be done if you are to survive.

You can try places like Fiverr but also need to have a realistic expectation. Doesn’t hurt to try and learn from it.