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No invoice issued from Fiverr after 3 Months

I requested an invoice on the 4th of February for our various purchases our 2014 tax year. I followed up after 8 weeks with another messages requesting the invoice, and pointing out that they’re well over their suggested waiting time of 4 - 5 weeks.

There was no response to my second message, and today I’ve messaged them again.

Is this the standard level of Fiverr customer service? I’m very shocked at how awful they’ve been.

Are there any other sites similar to Fiverr with better customer service? In the real business world, we’re not fortunate enough to simply ignore our customers and carry on trading.

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Customer Support is very hit or miss here. You may get a quicker response by emailing, just make sure to include all the pertinent details. Good luck.

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I had the same experience. The support was first stalling and now not answering me. I have waited 8 months. It is really outrageous. And since Fiverr is availabe in Europe, they are committing a a serious tax crime. I am thinking about reporting Fiverr to the Swedish tax authority. Fiver is messing up my accounting.