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No job for last 2 weeks! Only scams!

Completed 2nd job almost 2 weeks ago with better amount than 1st job. Also got tip and 5 star reviews from buyers. But unfortunately, there is no message at all after completing the 2nd job. Finally, received a message today but after few minutes realized that it’s a scam. Completely disappointed!!! :frowning:

Need experts opinion: Is it scam/ fraud when buyer is asking to install google hangout app and giving interview via google hangout? I am little confused because I have received around 10 requests for google hangout interview within last 2.5 months (I opened my a/c on last December). I always avoid their offer and ask them to go through Fiverr for any interview or offer. Is this also common for other sellers?

Please share your experience. Only in this way we can realize the true situations.

Keep your finger crossed for everyone! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


Yes, it is. These people like to try to trick many people into falling for their scams. However, they seem to pick on newish sellers most. So, stay safe by reporting and then blocking them.

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Yes, Brother I have a similar opinion. It is a scam.

@vickiespencer Thank you so much for your opinion :+1:

@seosea312 Thank you bro :+1: