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No job in over 6 months

What do I need to do to turn things around?

Noted your gigs and you have not well described on your gig description about your service and also have not used the Gig Gallary to describe your service.

For eg : About your marketing video Gig you should upload any Creative sample marketing videos and related images.

Just spend some time to re design your gigs and after that promote your gig then definitely you will get orders.


Thank you so much for these helpful tips

You are welcome!! …

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I saw all your gigs thumbs only there should be some text on thumbnails related to particular gig…
Add some creative thumbnails with your picture…
That will works and helping for you…


I agree with @digitalavinash and @irshan_cool - while having a photo of yourself for each gig image is nice, it doesn’t tell prospective buyers anything about your services.

You can have up to 3 gig images (and a video) - make the most of them! :sunny:

You’ve got a gig offering marketing videos - I’d expect a video of you there so I could hear the voice you’re offering.

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Thanks, I will make adjustments to it

Some of my previous videos were removed by admin, I will have to make new ones now but I had them on there for a while until they were removed, thanks for your advice

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