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No job ! No msg from client

I am Level 2 seller and expertise in web design and development . I am wonder no msg or no order last 1-2 weeks . and after level 2 not a single sale of msg . what is going ?

I am getting disappointed in this marketplace



There are likely two things going on:

1.) You’re not doing any targeted marketing and promotion, and instead, expecting Fiverr to do all the work, and find customers for you. YOU have the ability to treat your gigs like a business, and do the work necessary to reach out to your customers.

2.) People may not be looking for your services. So keep experimenting with your gigs until you find a service, and a presentation of your service, that your customers are looking for.

You don’t need help. You need to start doing the work yourself. Only YOU can build your own success. You’re in business. Start treating your gigs like one. :slight_smile:

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@jonbaas is back! Great tips are on the way!! :smiley:

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