No job


what i do for get jobs in fiverr


@madmoo, I got your wry wit days ago when I first liked B-)


Reply to @madmoo: lol


Are you really from where you claim to be? I don’t think so.


Are you really from where you claim to be? I don’t think so.


I am promote my link but not get job thanka


I’m not sure if this will help, but here’s what I think,

I would personally avoid people who’s gig description has

grammar errors since I would be concerned about communication problems.

I think you should ask other people ( since it says you are a student, I’m guessing

you have a friend who is a native English speaker) to check and fix your

description. It has a pretty big impact on viewers I believe.

The way you wrote “what do I do, I get no job” doesn’t give really good

impression either, I think. It sounds like you are saying hay, I need work, give it to me.

There are many helpful threads here at the forum that gives you

detailed advice, hopefully that will help you too. Good luck! :slight_smile:



Hi and welcome to the forum.

1 month is not long. It can take several months to get going on Fiverr. Especially in the crowded field your gig is in. Be patient. Test and tweak.

Your bio profile needs work. More business like, more professional. Education, experience, credentials.

Your gig description is brief. Expand and explain exactly what you’re offering and explain the benefits to the buyer. Sell it.

A video would help too.

And yes use of proper English and sentence structure is very important.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


@voiceoverwork and @ zeus777

Thanks for you are advice