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No jobs at fiverr!

Fiverr does provide a platform but it might be sad to say that the ‘old fishes’ have overtaken it like all the other freelance communities, newbie’s are trying to swim the pool but getting nowhere. Someone making great graphics project is not taken seriously because they are new and are only good for 5$ jobs. While the same stuff would be worth 50-100$ because an old Fiverrer made it.

Seller Levels are a good measure for old users but fall short at determining a newbie’s skill, thus restricting him. I would request fiverr community to make an evaluation platform for all users to test their skills so they can know where they stand. By doing this anyone can at-least analyse their skill depth. Even if people give many solutions for new fiverrer, Problems will always be there. After all the more you try, the more you know. At least trying such a thing would not hurt.

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Correction for readers:
1.There is no criticism to fiverr. It’s common perception from newbie’s. (Not specifically me i did a personal evaluation of 11 individuals through social media)
2.The evaluation procedure i mentioned here would not be like basic English tests. It’s like a competition through which buyers can know the sellers skill.

  1. Are you willing to pay for this kind of test because it will cost money to organize?
  2. Judging by the number of people who ask me to do their English test on Freelancer, I don’t think there is much value to these kind of tests.
  3. I started 6 months ago and was level 2 within 3 months and now I work here full time, others have done it more quickly. It takes hard work and effort along with a willingness to initially do a lot of work for less money than you deserve.
  4. Have you promoted yourself outside of Fiverr? If yes, then you are not doing it enough/correctly.
  5. Welcome to the real world, you don’t always get what you (think you) deserve.

Don’t be so mean, Eoin. This is a special little snowflake. Your’re just, I dunno, a chancer or something.

OP: you are boring and this complaint will rank really high on Google. You’re basically advertising that no-one will hire you. Well done!


  1. Very right about the tests,yes off course a lot of online tests are available. I was not exactly asking an English test or something like an evaluation test i was asking some sort of competition test .
  2. Yeah you might be an extra-ordinary example of good businessman or i can say highly professionalism. But for a average person who got good skills and really don’t know how to cash it.
    3.For your third point i myself said "The more you try more you get"
    4.Personally i have tried,but most of the people i would say 80 percent(leaving extra ordinary talents) must have tried something for their promotion. might be you are right it is not that enough to get me customer here.
    5.Last but not least… Life is bitter reality

you are a good writer mam.

you’re pumpin’ up in the rankings, champ!

Your gigs ARE the test.

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I pray your fish are not elderly.

This guy has been on Fiverr for about 60 days (roughly the same amount of time as you) and is now a level 2 seller. Check his post here…

Maybe your lack of success is not the fault of the “old fish”, Fiverr, bad luck etc.

First sale in 60 days is pretty good in illustration categories, i was a member for almost 2 years before i made my first sale here. In all fairness though i didn’t spend enough time observing testing and advertising back then as i was way too busy with my other freelancing ventures.

Cheer up, grumpy gills! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

Thanks that was really advisory comment

Haha lol cheer up. I assume It’s just a liberal forum to express a thought

That sounds fair and square. I just gave a piece of thought

perfect piece of writing to motivate newbies.

Ah, life in the Goldfish bowl.

round and round

(I would request fiverr community to make an evaluation platform for new users to test their skills so they can know where they stand.
Talking about tests is another thing that is not so admirable. Reason being, Not many freelancers will be willing to do those tests. Just market your gigs, if you get 5 to 7 clients, make them happy and they will become your regular clients as you keep waiting for other clients.
Good luck

Lol @emma you are the best

Haha smart writter with miraculous powers