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No Justice in Response Time



I like to complain about response time. Since im from India, when USA customers message in the middle of night, how can i respond when im asleep. And response time obviously decreases because i will reply in the morning.

Response time should not decrease if they text us in the middle of night. They should decrease, when we didn’t reply even though we are online.

or they should provide automatic responder, when we are offline or during sleep.

Present response time wants us not to sleep and reply to customers 24*7, which is not possible to some sellers.

We need Fiverr team to change the algorithm or coding of response time. So that we get 100% response time. Please take this to consideration.

I hope many sellers may facing this issues, please support and let it reach fiverr team and take necessary action.

Thank you


Unless you often sleep 24 hours a day, there is no reason you cannot respond to requests within a reasonable time. If you check your messages and respond to all of them every 12 hours you will stay at 100%. (Every 24h is enough but 12 will give you better client support.) I’m in the USA and I have buyers from all over the globe. I sleep when I please and only check messages twice a day in most cases. I have had no trouble at all and I’m not on even close to 24/7.