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No knock from buyer for past few days

I don’t know what’s happening…for past days I’m not getting any knock from Buyers.
GIG Impression, Click and View decreasing day by day.
Can anyone give me any Suggestions?
Thanks in Advanced.


Share your gigs in social media.
Continuously see the forums.
Be on line 24/7.


Blindly sharing gigs on random social media sites never helps. You need to market your gigs to your target audience.

The forum has NOTHING to do with Fiverr’s website. It has no effect on your orders, impressions, or gig/Fiverr profile ranking.

Being online doesn’t help at all. Besides, it is impossible to stay online 24/7.

@shantho5 Please stop advising people things that will never help them.


With all due respect, you should read thoroughly what @hanshuber16 has wrote. He already share his ideas clearly.

The bold sentence is his suggestion.

This is a forum, so any suggestions which might be misleading should be corrected.


Thanks guys for sharing your Thoughts.

@hanshuber16 Would you please tell me how can I find out the Target Audience and Market my GIGs to them?